About Us

Who are we?

The Companions of Brother Lawrence is an ecumenical fellowship of lay and ordained men and women.

 It is for anyone who longs to grow in the awareness of the Presence of God in all the circumstances of ordinary everyday life even when it is busy, confusing and exhausting. Companions are bound together by their desire for God and their call to serve God in the circumstances of their daily life.

Companions take as their example the 17thcentury French Carmelite, Brother Lawrence, who worked as a lay brother in the busy monastery kitchen.

Brother Lawrence discovered he could experience the presence of God as closely in his daily work as in the set times of prayer in the chapel or cell.

Some of Brother Lawrence’s conversations and letters are available in translation in the The Practice of the Presence of God.


 Companions support and encourage each other by mutual prayer and their shared Aim:


  • to practise the presence of God

  • to be involved in their local situation

  • to enjoy to the full all God’s gifts 

  • to learn to give and receive forgiveness unconditionally 

                                                                                                                                                                     To further the Aim and maintain their common life, they base their daily pattern of living on a simple Rule:


  • praying for each other

  • seeking ways to deepen their awareness of God's presence

  • attempting to lead a balanced life which includes prayer, study, leisure,sleep and exercise and to practise planned neglect when necessary,


Companions are invited to renew their membership promise annually at Advent.

There is a Triennial Meeting to elect officers and deal with business.  Regional conferences are held in the intervening years and local groups gather whenever possible.

Between meetings Companions keep in touch through letters, phone calls and e mail and through the Secretary’s newsletters.

The Society is open to everyone who desires to follow the Aim and Rule.


The Companions' Daily Prayer:

O God, here we are, all devoted to you; make us according to your heart.